CSA MAILING LIST, Late 2007 (very rough - please update!)

U. of Colorado Soaring Club (CO) eli.grun@colorado.edu
Soaring Club at Colorado State (CO) greeley@greeleynet.com
Cornell U. Soaring Club (NY) Jm27@cornell.edu
Embry-Riddle Soaring Club (FL) aaronp@eaglesport.org
Embry-Riddle Soaring Club (AZ) parsonk1@erau.edu
Iowa State Soaring Cyclones (IA) tcondon@iastate.edu
Illini Glider Club (IL) igc.president@gmail.com
Mississippi State U. Soaring Club (MS) hannigan@ae.msstate.edu
Ohio State Soaring Club (OH) rcluxton@cinci.rr.com
Penn State Soaring Club (PA) mrr151@hotmail.com
UTSI Soaring Club (TN) Psolies@utsi.edu
Cowboy Soaring Club (WY) greeley@greeleynet.com
Bowling Green State U. (OH)  
Central Missouri State U. (MO)  
Parks College of St. Louis U. (IL)  
USAF Academy Soaring Flight (CO) Mark.Matticola@usafa.af.mil
USN Academy Soaring Team (MD) s3b_viking@yahoo.com
Academic Soaring Club (CA)  
Harris Hill Jr. Organization (NY)  
FORMER CLUBS with a few students
MIT: MIT Soaring Assoc. (MA) jwren@chemsford.com
NCSU: North Carolina Soaring Assoc. (NC)  
Princeton: Soaring Tigers (NJ) Pappa3@msn.com
These are no longer registered with the host school, but we hope they will maintain an interest in involving local students anyway
INACTIVE Members of recent vintage
Soaring Club at UCSD (CA) gcalhoun@earthlink.net
MIchigan State U. Soaring Club (MI)  
U. of Nevada Reno Soaring Club (NV)  
Dal-Fort School of Aviation Tech. (NC)  
Indiana State U. (IN)  
Clubs disappear within a semester if the leadership forgets to recruit. However, They could be restarted any semester. See TIPS for Starting a College Soaring Club.
CONTACTS that show promise
Idaho State U. (ID) wolpjame@isu.edu
Soaring Club at UCSD (CA) nkruhmin@ucsd.edu
Southern Methodist U. (TX) bakewell@mail.smu.edu
U. of Michigan (MI) Farisk@f.imap.itd.umich.edu
U. of Wisconsin (WI) Jwalter@cs.wisc.edu
Marquette U. (WI) Duncana@vmsa.csd.mu.edu
U. of Iowa (IA) steven-strait@uiowa.edu
Messiah College (PA) Dpratt@mcis.messiah.edu
RIT (NY) tim@adirondacksoaring.com
U. of Oregon (OR) ewarnock@cumulusllc.com
Purdue U. (IN) eiff@purdue.edu
If you live in the area, are Alumni, student, or staff at these schools, give them a hand!

Yearbooks and campus Student Organization records will show that many more Universities had glider clubs in the 1910s, 1950s, or especially the 1930s. Very possibly yours!